5H Manufacturing ltd. are the new owners, located in Trochu, Alberta.

Elias scales are a uni-body construction. Our own patent principle has no cable or friction points to wear or bind. 

If you are looking for a no nonsense long lasting, durable, accurate scale with reliability and no maintenance you have come to the right web site

The frame and platform are welded together as one solid item.

No electronics are needed making our scale easily portable, ready to use anywhere. Only one sealed, fluid driven, load cell is used. 

The rugged gauge has stainless steel works and a fine hand for accurate reading on a 6 inch dial. Gauge comes in both lbs and kg.

The fine pointer on the gauge will enable you to judge within one or two lbs or kg. 

All our scales can weigh beyond there platform accurately

Each scale will carry several hundred lbs or kg of extra platform or crate and still adjust to zero. 

The major zero adjustment on the platform and the fine zero adjustment on the gauge are quick and easy for operatorís convenience. 

We believe our scale frame to be the only one to take a platform larger than the base frame and still weigh properly. 

Our scale is affordable, economical, accurate and maintenance free.

Our scale has been in service for more than 20 years in both Canada and U.S. 

We have dealers in both countries and are wanting to expand to other countries as well.

5H Manufacturing ltd.
box 149
Trochu, AB
PH# 587-819-0599
toll free 1866-200-2907

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